La Frileuse

Tilted, staring at destiny, the frame can not endure. In need
 just to paralyze the hands of time, for what women want 
more than being cherished by such passion.

The pallor faked a smile, muting words on the lips,  and
the fur failed, declaring surrender at the gates of woe,
trapping the skin in frozen inferno...

Fortunately the creeping demise still unable to defeat
fingertips,  used to summarize days and nights in features,
stirring seasons of my life,warming what remains through
 the heart.

I see you shifting your gaze away from reality formed in
 stolen breaths, coughs and pain-laden handkerchief; I beg
 your pardon dear one, meant for the colours to fade away.

Mourn the bereavement, but before, let the phantom muse
give utterance, the portrait would never cease to treasure
the history we both lived.

 ** Ekphrastic poetry is the conversation between two pieces of art.  The writer interprets a work of visual art and then creates a narrative in verse form that represents his or her reaction to that painting, photograph, sculpture or other artistic creation.

The title 'La Frileuse'x - a woman shivering - refers to the fact that she felt constantly cold.This is probably Tissot's portrait of Kathleen Newton.Dedicated to her during the period of her illness...