Once a Reverie Softly Spoke...

Obscure, these terms of light,
nocturne, unopposed, dulcet,
endlessly possessing,

a balm, to comprehend?

Radiance, all seen,
eternity wished upon whispers,
void of reason,
eloquence, formed in life,
regretfully, unapproachable,
intimately curing,
eeriness, abolishing...

Stripping laws of the mind,
on bases of a trance,
from there, blindly igniting,
toward vestibules of the soul,
yet, solo, barely heard.

Still, visions to emerge,
peace to be uttered... Not
on sorrow's remains, on
kindling in every sense,

** An acrostic (Greek: a'kros "top"; sti'chos "verse") is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message. As a form of constrained writing, an acrostic can be used as a mnemonic device to aid memory retrieval.