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Free Haiku

Posted by S Maref on Friday, November 4, 2011,

on the edge of life

watches me.

Art, Scenography of Dungeon
By Mohammad Bin Lamin

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Posted by S Maref on Friday, August 20, 2010,


In his own language,
a new definition of fury
has been set.

Words charred,
deeds spoken aloud.

Complexity of elements,
poisoned the core.

Within springs
-of unknown depth-
grudge was crusting,
in many forms.

-melt bones-
interpreted in docile temper.


-ache saturated zephyr-
from the nostrils.


Sorrow ahead,
-guilty and terrifyingly tearful-
corrosive memories,
overcast the atmosphere.

To erupt in such volatility:
"it was a surprise"

for his intentions,
lay dormant for...

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